Owner: R.S. Davis Recycling

Project Manager: Mike Dukart

Superintendent: Steve Dukart

Description: R.S. Davis recycling consists of a total relocation of R.S. Davis’s scrap yard on a 5 acre site. This work is performed on a superfund site which requires 40hr hazwoper training. We performed all site grading and excavation for new 15,000 square foot office building and staging area for scrap and recycling material and cranes. We installed all new sanitary sewers, storm sewer, water lines and electrical lines. A new storm pond was installed and a 64 cartridge storm filter vault was placed to filter storm water for the entire 5 acre site.


The City of Sandy Wholesale Connection project

Owner: City of Portland Water Bureau

Project Manager: John Dukart

Superintendent: Steve Dukart

Description: The city of Sandy wholesale connection project was a City of Portland Water Bureau project that consisted of Installing 48 inch welded steel tee connection point, vaults and 20 inch ductile iron pipe to supply the City of Sandy with future water supply.



Owner: City of Portland

Project Manager: Steve Dukart

Superintendent: John Dukart

Description: Leaf Erickson Culvert Replacement consist of replacing 60 feet of culvert in Forest Heights Park due to old metal culvert failing and heavy rains washing out road. We had to install new 16” HDPE pipe, rebuild maintenance road for city vehicles. This was a Sensitive job due to working in a creek and dealing pedestrian traffic in the rainy season of Oregon.




The NE sump rehab project for the city of Portland consists of constructing 30 foot deep additional sumps onto existing facilities to help with drainage issues on roadways. Duke Construction and Excavation installed nine 30 foot deep drywell/sumps and connected them with lead pipes to the existing structures and also converted existing sumps that were failing into sedimentation manholes. This project also included installing 12” and 10” HDPE pipe and installing oil/water separators or “hood/snouts” into new sedimentation manholes.